Some Interesting Facts About This Excellent Breed:
small logoBelgian Shepherd dogs are one of a handful of dog breeds that do not smell like a dog, even when their coats are wet.
small logoBelgian Shepherds are the only breed that can move their lower lip when growling - causing them to look more mean than they are. They are also the only breed that could smile, and often do.
small logoThe German police force are currently replacing all of their active duty German Shepherd dogs with Belgian Shepherd Malinois dogs.
small logoThere are four types of Belgians (Tervueren, Groenendael, Laekenois and Malinios) - all with the same fantastic characteristics, but with different coats.
small logoBelgian Shepherd dogs are used as hearing, seeing and working dogs for handicapped people.
small logoThe 2003 Agility World Champion was a Belgian Tervueren. This breed is recognised as one of the best breeds for Obedience & other working disciplines




            BEST PUPPY IN SHOW !!!

At the Kennel Association's annual show, held on 29 November 2015, Delatro kennels's beautiful Groenendael puppy bitch, Delatro Ultra, aged only 10 months, won best puppy in show under judges A. Mason and C. Gilmour. She was shown by proffesional handler, Jakkie.



Congratulations to Mr. Jan van Rijswijk for breeding one of the most beautiful Groenendaels ever in South Africa !!!





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